Thursday, April 24, 2008

Regulation May Deflate Booming Polish Supplements Market

(Editor: the following article should serve as a wakeup call for those who remain unconcerned about growing government interest in further regulating the supplement industry. Moves to class supplements as drugs, while they may be presented as being in the best interests of the public, have often proven to better serve the interests of the major pharmaceutical companies.)

Poland's food supplements market is growing at a rampant 30 per cent but may be hamstrung by moves to classify a range of food supplements as drugs, according to a report from a market researcher there.

Polish-based PMR, which researches central and eastern European markets, said in its report, "Non-pharmacy OTC market in Poland 2008", the buoyant market for food supplements would be curtailed if a range of herbal and other "borderline products" remain classified as medicines as is expected.

Polish law dictates that any borderline products that remain on shelves by 2010 will be registered as drugs and therefore limited in availability (prescription only) and distribution (pharmacies only).

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