Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seven Silly Fitness Fads

Before you sign up for a circus-themed exercise class, or buy tricked-out Hula Hoops, read our guide to which wacky workouts actually work.

From strippercise to circus-trapeze aerobics, gyms and fitness gurus keep coming up with new ways to make working out less of a chore. But though these whimsical classes and instructional DVDs can reinvigorate your gym routine, some of the glitziest (and goofiest) new trends can also put you at risk for sprained ankles, pulled muscles and overexertion. And some don't even give you much of a workout.

Here are seven of the silliest fitness fads—with the lowdown on whether or not they really chisel and tone. (For other workout tips, check out our earlier story on "Six of the Worst Ways to Work Out.")

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